Cast #4 Day!


It seems like yesterday we were here getting his 3rd cast on.  A lot has happened in the last 6 weeks.

Alex went about 6.5 weeks in his 3rd cast. Around 6 weeks we started noticing him gag, and vomit. It was so bad, that we were in our car driving and he started to projectile vomit and choke in his car seat. I have never in my life stopped a car that fast and jerked it into park and jump out of the car on the side of a road. We also noticed that he would get more irritable, due to being uncomfortable in his cast. He would eat less, since a full belly would make his cast tight. 

With Alex being so young, it is a wait and see kind of game. We never have an accurate idea of how long he will last in his cast. We know from the past that 4 weeks he is good, but around the 5th and 6th week, it is time to come off. This time we did not have to go to the ER and wait for them to take their good ol sweet time. We were able to go to the Dr.’s office. Pretty quick and uneventful. 

I don’t mind having the cast cut off before his next, it allows me time to get his skin back to normal. In the cast he is usually a little bruised and has some skin irritation. We bathe him in baby oil and use Aquaphor all over. I was worried that he might have forgot what a bath was like and scream. He didn’t. He loved to splash and play. His skin usually clears up in a day or two.

I enjoy this time. He is so squishy and huggable and seems delicate. When he is in his cast he is like a Lego baby. He seems indestructible and I don’t worry about him getting hurt. He is easy to handle and comfortable.

Life in a cast is “normal” to us. Alex has learned to scoot on his butt. He plays with his big brother, he chases the cat and tries to pull up on things.  He is normal in most ways. He definitely gets a work out with his cast and moving around. 

The summer time is coming and we opted to not have a cast break. We have changed from the thick grey shirt  to a white thin tank top with flaps to protect his under arms. We also ordered a cooling vest for him in the summer. It gives him about 2 hours of coolness. He loves it. It even keeps whoever is holding him cool also. 

The 3rd cast was able to get his curve to 29 degrees. We will wait to see what the 4th will do.