ER Visit to get the cast cut off!

All right, I wanted to make sure that we post everything that you may be wondering in regards to the what if’s. I thought for sure that we would never have to have his cast removed for any reason other than when it was time to change his cast. Well, Lo and behold, the time did come.

Apparently, when it is time to change a cast due to the child growing and it becoming too tight, you need to watch them. The inside part of the cast over time wears down. The padding apparently wears and allows Alex to have a little wiggle room. With Alex wanting to be mobile, I had him on the floor playing with toys on his back. He moved to grab a toy in a way that he twisted himself just enough on his cast where it was pressing down on his right chest area.  I didn’t think to much about it, but when he wouldn’t stop crying and I had ruled out it wasn’t hunger, diaper or sleep, I immediately called the Dr. 

I was already concerned a few weeks ago because it was tight then. After calling the after hours hotline and speaking to a Dr. It was decided that the cast needed to come off. Since our hospital and Dr. Are about 1.5 hours away, I didn’t think Alex would have made the car ride. The Dr. Agreed and said to take him to the nearest place that would take it off. To save time, I called around to a few places to see, just so I don’t waste a trip. Glad I did. No one and I mean no one wanted to take off his cast, even when I told them they could call the Dr. Himself. I had to call back to the Dr. And told them no one would do it. They told me to go to the ER to have it removed and if there were any questions to call them.

My husband in the mean time wanted to just cut it off on his own. I knew that there were some YouTube videos on how to cut it off, but thought it was too tight ariund the area and didn’t want to risk it.

So off to the ER we go. Of course they really had seen many of these casts, let alone take one off. They all kept saying ” we will let the dr decide if they will take it off”. We waited hours for them to look at Alex. He was screaming and belligerent. I had to have the mama bear come out. I am a very patient person, but when it comes to my children and I had waited enough, I snapped at the nurse and told here that if they do not take care of him asap, I was going to cut the d@mn thing off myself. I could have driven to Atlanta myself by that time. 

I hated to be like that, but when your 9 month old baby had been screaming for 3 hours due to his cast, you do what needs to be done. After that, we were immediately taken to a room and very shortly had his cast removed. Happy Alex, happy Mom!

So next time, we will cut the darn thing off ourselves. I will not wait 3-4 hours in an ER. So it may be beneficial to watch the YouTube video in how to remove an EDF cast with tin snips.




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