Cast #3 Day!

it is time agin for his new cast. A little different this time since he had to have his cast taken off  in the ER.  Our casting was scheduled at 10 am this time instead of 8 am. I was a little worried that Alex would be hungry. He did great. We were stuck in traffic for 2.5 hours and was late to our pre-op appointment. Luckily the surgery before us was running late due to traffic also. 


Since my husband was unable to come, my Dad went with me to make the journey.  He was really impressed with Children’s Hospital of Atlanta. We were glad to know that the doctor was going to do his casting earlier than we thought. Apparently the surgery before us was late and they had fed their baby. So surgery had to be postponed for 6 hours. So we got right in.

Alex loves smiling at the nurses and getting his pre-op check up. We get to choose a toy from the toy cabinet. He likes the cars. Then I get him ready in his gown and socks and then get myself ready to go back with him. We see the anesthesiologist and the Doctor and then we head off. Since Alex is older than 6 months, I am able to go back with him and put him on the operating table and wait for them to put him asleep. When is is asleep, I have to go. 




The casting procedure took about an hour and a half. Once he gets back from the casting we wait for him to come out of anesthesia. I let him sleep it off. Once he drinks some liquids and keeps it down, we can have the IV removed and start to go. 



Packed up and ready, we head down to the second floor for X-rays of his new cast and curve. Once we finish there, we head over to prosthetics for them to look over his cast since this shirt had a lot of plaster on it. The cast looked good, so we did not have to trim it. We did switch out the t-shirt for a tank top since the summer will be hotter. 



After all of that, it is time to come home and get used to the new cast. Thankful for a wonderful casting day!



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