Alex’s Last Day Before His Cast

Trying to enjoy my squishy little baby before he gets his cast. It has been a crazy week for us, so I didn’t have much time to worry or even think about tomorrow’s casting procedure.


We tried to make sure we had lots of fun with squishy Alex. Snuggles, Giggles and Rolling. Alex had finally figured out how to roll and roll and roll. I am hoping he will still be able to roll in his cast. Not sure what to expect tomorrow, but feel like I had read as much information as I can and thanks to my new Facebook Group, had a lot of the common questions answered.

Rolling Rolling Rolling

We made sure to have lots of fun with Alex and his bath. We gave him his favorite rubber ducky. This will be his last “bath” until he gets his cast off. We will have to sponge bathe him from now on. I am sure he will be so sad, especially since he loves to splash and splash.

Bath Time with My Ducky

Bath Time with My Ducky

Lots of things to remember for tomorrow. We will be traveling to the Children’s Hospital in Atlanta to have his first EDF cast put on. We need to be there at 6am, which means we need to leave our house around 4:45 am in order to get there. Trying to get diaper bag packed, our bags packed just in case there are complications and we may need to stay. (I am always prepared for anything). Got my checklist of bigger diapers, bigger clothes, bottles, Alex’s favorite blanket and teething toys.

There are so many things that are running through my mind. Praying that little Alex will do well with Anesthesia and that he will be comfortable in his new cast. I guess that Tom and I are not as worried as most parents probably would be. TJ had to have a cranial helmet and I remember in the beginning we were totally freaked out. We had no clue about what life was going to be like with a cranial helmet. After a while, it just became the normal. We really didn’t notice it.

I just prayed that the doctor’s will be able to help Alex and get a good cast. They are not sure if they will have to put the cast over his shoulders or on part of his thigh, due to his size. He is a tiny little peanut.


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