I am officially a blogger!

I guess I am now an official blogger. Never in my right mind did I ever think I would blog. I never knew why I would even want to blog. Why would I want everyone to see everything I do? Isn’t that what Facebook and Twitter are for? But here I am. Blogging away, intrigued by the art of blogging.

So most are probably wondering why now to start blogging? My son is actually the reason. He was recently diagnosed at 2 months old with EOS (Early Onset Scoliosis) or Infantile Idiopathic Scoliosis. In short, his spine is curved. Apparently this occurs in 1% of babies.

As most good parents do, they research, they research and when they are done researching, they research so more. I wanted so badly to connect with other parents who had similar stories. I couldn’t find much, until I ran across a mother who had been blogging her daughter’s journey with Infantile Scoliosis and a few Facebook Groups. I thank God for her every day and for the groups. It may seem boring to some that she posts everyday life with her daughter, but it meant the world to me. Her blog hosted valuable information to me. There weren’t any books on what it really was like, but she had pictures and stories and answered the questions that we are all dying to know.

So this blog is dedicated to any parents that are looking for a way to connect and learn more from the journey that I am about to begin. I will post the amazing Journey that God has put before us, every step of the way. It also will be a way for me to feel good with the fact that our Journey can help others.


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